Friday, December 19, 2014

Cooking links round up - Curry!

I love curry. I have yet to find a variety of curry that I don't like, though I've had some poorly prepared ones (cough Jacksonville I'm looking at you cough), and some that were just way too hot for me. I prefer a milder one, but the mid-spicy ones are good too, and I love authentic Indian ones, but also random assimilated ones like Brittish chip-shop curry.

I went in a link-binge / research-search today, and here's some great info and recipes...

On the three basic foundations of curry:

Chip-shop curry, the first curry I ever ate!:

Jamie Olliver's curry pastes:

Panang curry paste:

Japanese curry roux:

JustHungry giving us what we can get of an S&B clone Japanese curry:

All the variations of Thai curry:
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