Friday, May 3, 2013

Fundraiser Friday - Things I Think Are Cool Enough To Get In On

I feel like crowdsourcing is the best way to get these awesome things funded and created and therefore, one of the best ways to get them out in the world, making it better. It's a way around the whole Shark Tank idea that you have to sell your passion to some rich dude to get anything made, or that you have to sell out to get it done; this way, creators create, and it's amazing.

Here's three Kickstarter projects I just found that I think are amazing:

The Book of Judith: An illustrated and illuminated manuscript that supports strong women.

I'm not religious, but I love illuminated manuscripts, and this looks like a work of art that's worth funding.

And now for something completely different:

DrunkQuest: The 90 Proof Seas - An expansion to the original DrunkQuest, which is a literal drinking game--a game where you drink as part of it.

I love a good card game, and like most good geeks, I also love a good drink...This looks fun!

And something different again:

Glowing Plants! - Just what it says on the box--a plant that glows. To use as a light source that doesn't require electricity and is totally, literally sustainable.

This is some scifi shit here, and it's exactly the sort of thing Kickstarter is best at. I wish I had 40$ to spend on seeds; if I had it, I'd pledge in a second!

What about you? Any good Kickstarter projects around?
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