Friday, May 17, 2013

Things I Love - The Hyppo - Artisan Ice Pops

The Hyppo - Artisan Ice Pops:

I used to live about a mile from here, and this was one of my favorite places to go downtown, even when I worked there and didn't want to be downtown anymore! They have hand-made, gourmet, all-fruit Popsicles in a range of really cool flavors. According to their website, right now they have:

Mango Habanero
Key Lime
Coconut Coconut
Champagne Mango
Datil Strawberry
Strawberry Basil
Pistachio Coconut
Cucumber Lemon Mint
Sangria Plum
Riesling Pear
Papaya Pineapple
Ginger Pineapple
Orange Cream
Banilla Vanana
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Pineapple Cilantro
Pistachio Rosewater
Pink Grapefruit
Honey Honey Dew
Straight-up Strawberry

Since I'm no longer there, I think I'll have to take this list as a starter and make me some 'cicles this summer...

How about you? Have you made any or found any in interesting flavors? Share!

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