Saturday, May 25, 2013

May Garden Update

May is almost done, and I have a free minute and a lot of enthusiasm, so here's the update!

After the fiasco of moving everything outside, where most things died, those that didn't came back like powerhouses. The nasturtiums have gone mad.

They're huge and trailing all over the place, and as of yesterday, there's a flower! (the yellow one up above). This morning, I found a bud for what looks like a red or orange one, too, and that's great--even if I never have enough to eat daily this year, I'll get seeds and then I can grow more!

The roses, that were barely sticks last month, when they came in the mail at the end there, are all leafy and there are buds on them, too! Two on the one that should be yellow and orange, and one on the red one. If I remembered which ones they were. It might be the reverse; we'll see soon enough! The greener-leafed one is well over two feet high now, and the red one is smaller, but just as leafy and sturdy-looking.

The basil is getting a little chewed on by some bug I haven't caught in the act, but is responding by putting out more leaves, so I'm happy.

The strawberries never did come up.

Of the peppers, two survived. They should be either baby bells / gypsy peppers, or carnival peppers, since that's all I planted, and they're about eight inches tall now. They'd stalled out for a while, but we had a lot of rain this week and last week, and they've started growing again. And just under the leaves, one of the other sprouts seems to be a tomato plant! The only tomato I planted was Tiny Tim, so the fact that it's only four or so inches tall doesn't bother me.

The lettuce looked really sad when I put them outside, but they've since gotten quite lovely, and almost fill in their bucket. I added more seeds to cover more of the dirt there, since they'll be sheltered by the bigger ones' leaves, and they're starting to sprout, too.

The jade plant didn't like living inside--too dark and dry, I think--and looked really sad, but perked up almost immediately upon going back outside, and now you can't even tell that it lost most of its leaves and some of its branches this winter.

All in all, a pretty great start on a garden, I'd say, since I haven't actually kept a garden in years now.

Up next:
- For my birthday, I'm going to buy myself some tomatoes and maybe some citrus and / or berries if Big Lots still has them super-cheap
- I might look into getting another rose bush, if I can find a cheap enough one that looks interesting
- There's honeysuckle blooming ALL OVER this city--the whole five mile radius that I live in and move through just wafts with it--and I took some clippings to see if they'll root
- I also took some camellia clippings that had great flowers this past winter, to see if they'll root
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