Thursday, May 2, 2013

On New Passions

Recently, I discovered a musical instrument called a Woodrow. I'd never hears if it before, but it's not all that different from a banjo, or a mandoline, or a lute, really. Only it looks easier to play, and the one I want is made here in North Carolina by musical-instrument artisans and is gorgeous.

I have a guitar that I live but haven't learned to play yet. I also have about six flutes and a chanter that I haven't learned to play yet. So the arguement could be made that I don't need to save up for months and then buy and almost-two-hundred-dollar handmade stringed instrument.

But you know what?

I see this as in the same category as buying more books than I have the time to read. They enrich my life just by being there, and having them increases my chance of getting around to them later. They're potential, and art, and culture, even if I never learn what to do with them.

And they make me happy. That alone is worth it, I think, and since I'm saving up for these things instead of buying them outright, there's built-in buffer-- if I decide that I'm over this passion when im done saving up, then I have non-budget money to use somewhere else. But so far, its been almost a week and I still want it as much as I did the minute I saw it, so I think this one is sticking.

You see, I collect passions. I love starting new projects, learning new things, picking up new skills. I'm always looking for ways to make my life more enjoyable, and to improve myself. I'm always looking for creative things to do in addition to writing, because it uses other parts of my brain than wors-work does.

I think, whatever your passions are, they have these same benefits, and so I don't worry about whether or not I learn these instruments (I will, eventually), or when I do in relation to when I get them. The practice of passion itself makes my life better, and makes me aware of all the things I could be passionate about. A life of passion is so much better than a life without, no matter what comes of that passion.

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