Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Mani - Metebilis 3

Today, I decided to go with one of my own polishes: Metebilis 3, named after the crystals-and-spiders planet that it took a whole season for Doctor Three to get to.

Those square glitters are blue-green iridescent, which doesn't even show here, probably because we have YET ANOTHER gloomy, rainy day and the light is a mess. And I don't know why that pinky there looks like it's messed up--it's totally not!

But overall, I'm pretty pleased. This goes on way sheer on the first coat, but by the second it's almost opaque, and I like painting three coats, so it's solid. You can see the iridescent and the purple glitters on the nail if not in the picture, and it's nice and smooth.

There's a little glitter here on the left thumb, but I decided I didn't like it so it's only there.

What do your nails look like this Monday morning?
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