Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Home Decorating Ideas That I Just Love

  1. A full wall of windows looking out over a garden
  2. A greenhouse between the front gate and the front door, so you have to walk through it to get inside
  3. Original hardwood floors--new ones are lovely, but I actually like old scuffed up ones better
  4. Sheer curtains
  5. Vintage furniture from several times mixed in a room, bonus if it's all in jewel tones
  6. Chandeliers in rooms that don't usual have them
  7. Built-in shelving
  8. Kitchen furniture instead of cabinets--tables, hutches, pie lockers, those European plate-drying shelves, open shelving for dishes, etc
  9. Wardrobes instead of closets
  10. Books in every room
What ideas do you love?
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